In Of Halos and Subsun we are working predominantly with light, shadows, soundscapes and spoken text to render the den’s canvas a primitive cinema screen. Aesthetically we use rudimentary and domestic tools, a bag of flour becomes a mountain and transports you to the arctic. We are playing with scale and perception zooming out from the miniature to the bewilderingly large to create images that play with and at times lay bare the production of illusion, so as to allow the audience to become knowingly complicit with us as makers of weather. This work asks the audience to journey with us, to know and yet suspend disbelief.

We are interested in the duality of the way in which weather affects us, intimately as individuals and unavoidably existential as a collective, and this is reflected through the way the audience is asked to view and participate in the work. They are part of a communal viewing as they sit facing each other inside the den. If they wish to see everything in this panoramic viewing box they must move around, through and with each other and not only inhabit a shared environment but produce a common climate. They are acknowledged and spoken to directly by us, their ‘communal effort’ results in the melting of a block of ice, the work can only occur through their presence and heat.Andy Goldsworthy, Olafur Eliasson, Lone Twin and Robert Scott – the explorer, have been key sources of inspiration in the making of this work.